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Smacking Sexy S'Mawtta
Hey look, here is another fun "Superheroines-in-KO-Peril" commission from the accomplished Poser artist Rosepab :iconrosepab: !
This time, the gorgeous supervillainess "S'Mawtta the Sorceress" has just zapped Annie Frenzy and the Polecat out cold with her magicks. S'Mawtta has no time to gloat over this victory, however -- the nasty cad "Buzzy the Bamboozler" has been watching this terrific catfight while at an inconspicuous tiny size. As soon as the sexy African-American witch emerges victorious, Buzzy blasts her into a dazed and groggy (not to mention toplesss) state. Then he grows to his human size, and smacks sexy S'Mawtta into unconsciousness! WHOK!!  And she joins Annie and Lara on the ground.....
Perplexed By The Purple Mists
Here is a fantastic KO-Peril pic by the ultra-talented Poser artist RosePab :iconrosepab: -- Marcia Maldon the Magical Maiden has scored a triumph of the superheroines Sparrowhawk and the Wasp! Marcia's victory is short-lived, however; Sheila Haston, aka "Purple Mystery", arrives on the scene and renders the sexy blonde unconscious with her devastating weird energies -- the "Perplexing Purple Mists of Pooter'Peengah". Marcia's source of power, the "Totem of T'Meezil", or at least her level of mastery of the enigmatic talisman, has proved to be inadequate to the task of protecting the delectable Miss Maldon! Now our busty blonde is unconscious within Sheila's purplish energetic prison! Sabrina and Janet lie sprawled out cold on the floor as Purple Mystery contemplates her next move...
All That Caterwauling Laughter
The beautiful brunette spy babe, Valerie Vinewood, pleads with the odd Misfit Bliddit -- "Please stop all that caterwauling laughter!"  But with a "HO HO HO HO HA HA HA HEE HEE!", the jovial, bloated little fiend finishes the near-naked crimefighter off! ZAPOW!!
Valerie falls to the floor in an unconscious heap. Bliddit the continues on his merry way, chuckling to himself in his typical maniacal fashion....
Annoying Bug-Lady
The father-and-son photographer team, Arthur and Timothy MacGillicuddy, arrive on the scene just in time to record an amazing clash of superheroine-versus-weird-beastie. Yes, the Golly-Dang is attempting to steal the "Bouncing Badger of Bimmi' Kurong", while the fair Wasp seeks to protect the important old occultic artifact. Things quickly go against the shapely, scantily-clad crimefighter, though -- after taking a number of blasts, our gorgeous gal is groggy and staggering about unsteadily. The Golly-Dang urges young Timothy to pay close attention as he finishes his beautiful opponent off. He calls her an "annoying bug-lady" and expresses his desire to make her "go splat"!

The next energy bolt accomplishes that stated goal -- ZAKKA-BLAM!!  The terrific discharge slams into the Wasp's cranium and shuts Janet down completely! THWACK!!  "UUUUHHH!!" the wasp cries out as she blacks out. Then she falls to the floor of the Goosedow Museum -- WHUMP!

"And now, dear sirs, ol' Golly-Dang takes the wunnerful 'Bouncing Badger of Bimmi' Kurong'. HUZZAH!!"

"You did a spectacular job of knocking the Wasp out cold, oh Mr. Golly-Dang. Great job!"

"Many thanks, young Timothy. Farewell for now!"  The bizarre entity flies off with his prize.

"That sure was something, Dad!"

"You are so right, Timmy. We will take a few more pics of Miss Van Dyne, and then call 'Campbell and Associates' to pick her up..."

These guys are really raking in some big dough with all the superheroine / supervillainess KOs they are recording, lately...
Here are all my latest "Superheroines-in-KO-Peril" scenarios!

1) Rollickin' Rita gets whacked over the head by Zar-Donk the Head-Bonker!

2) Panther Girl is defeated by a new occultic critter.

3) The "Nerdixontoid" gets the drop on Sparrowhawk!

4) Here is a great Poser pic from RosePab -- the Scarlet Lariat has just defeated Breena and Laura Jones!

5) The Wasp is overcome by a robot!

6) Valerie Vinewood is blasted out cold by "Buzzy the Bamboozler"!

7) Another fun pic by Rosepab -- Gytalf the Utmost KOs Hilda Sorenson and Molly Montauk!

8) "Buzzy the Bambbozler" proposes to Panther Girl! Actually, no, he doesn't! here, see what happens :

9) The gorgeous new supervillainess "Lady Blue" gets defeated by the weird critter, "Gimmer Hee'Drung". 

10) Here's a pic by Furbs3d -- sexy spy gal Vanessa Tanner gets punched out by the Misfit, "Kwa-Thoom the Powerhouse"!

11) "Spuddub the Scheming Skalawag" wins a fight with the Polecat.

12) Shanna the She-Devil has an encounter with Captain Helmet.

13) Another fun pic by Rosepab -- "Buzzy the Bamboozler" defeats spy babes Teresa Mullins and Vanessa Tanner!

14) Occulta meets the Flabbergasteron!

15) Zoom-Zoom the Rocket-Man KOs the sexy blonde SHIELD agent Bobbi Morse!

16) The Wasp and Sparrowhawk are no match for Furious Fred and his gal Francine Frittersworth, especially after a device from "Voltron Industries" has negated their superpowers! Another fine Poser adventure by my fellow Deviant, RosePab.

17) The sultry blonde witch Audrey Jenkins can't cope with Captain Elastic's rubbery, stretchy powers!

18) The weird occultic critter, the "Nerdixontoid", discusses politics and religion with Panther Girl -- no, wait, nothing like that happens here! See the pic below :

19) More Poser wonderfulness by Rosepab -- "Rollickin' Rita" takes on spy gals Laura Jones and Valerie Vinewood, and also the sexy witch Audrey Jenkins!

20) Annie Frenzy is felled by "Gud'M Holler the Beastling".

21) The sexy sharpshooter "Pistol-Packin' Polly" gets taken down by "The Almighty Ka-Zam"!

22) LordSnot returns with a new installment of the Mauve Marauder sequence! Here is pic 63 :

23) RosePab provides us with yet another fun-filled KO adventure! This one features Sparrowhawk, the Wasp, Madame Dragonfly, and the Golden Parakeet! My photographer-team Arthur and Timothy MacGillicuddy can also be seen, just barely...

24) Here is a very sexy "gift-pic" by my pal Rosepab.  This is a ravishingly beautiful depiction of the gorgeous brunette spy babe, Laura Jones :

25) "Breena of the B'Yor Clan" encounters the odd beastie known only as "The Durp".

26) "Strange Angus" scores a decisive win over the voluptuous and scantily-clad witch, Elizabeth the Silver Sorceress".

27) "Purple Heart" is defeated by a wandering pack of weird, mutated canines! Yes, the "Wailing Bat-Hounds of Lindoo" are back, and they are as silly as ever...

28) I keep ordering more fun pics from Rosepab! Here, we travel back in time just a bit. Panther Girl has only been a superheroine for a few weeks or months, and she is still in Africa. Monica and her allies Bobbi Morse and Shanna the She-Devil are getting utterly trounced by the massive, hirsute villain called "Mr. Hideous"!

29) A certain Professor Mertham desires to merge with a creature from the dreaded Oonth dimension. Panther Girl attempts to talk him out of it. See how that goes for her, here :

30) Gyr'Daaz the Plunderer dominates the luscious Madame Sin!

31) And the fun with Poser continues! In this scenario by Rosepab, "Lady Blue" finds herself ambushed by Pistol-Packin' Polly right after defeating Sparrowhawk and the Wasp!

32) Lord Sphericus gets the better of sexy blonde villainess Hilda Sorenson!

33) Laura Jones gets zapped by the Astro-Fiend!

34) Savage Stanley easily defeats Stella Silvercat.

35) The weird little mystical beastie, the "Hugda Wakno", blasts the sexy villainess "Purple Mystery" out cold!

36) Yet another great Poser peril pic by Rosepab -- the Dastardly Disruptor defeats Madame Sin and Purple Heart! You can also see an unconscious pair of do-gooders -- the Silver Sorceress and Audrey Jenkins.

37) We return to LordSnot's "Mauled by the Mauve Marauder" sequence. Hilda Sorenson wants to punch the defeated Wasp around some more...

38) Spy girl and cousin to Panther Girl, Teresa Mullins, has her consciousness shattered by the evil little imp, the G'Duurnax!

39) Sexy blonde nurse-turned-spy-babe Vanessa Tanner has another "wardrobe malfunction" as she fights with the "Oonthasaurus Rex".

40) Never fear, Rosepab is here! My fellow Deviant artist provides us with another thrilling KO-adventure. This one features Sparrowhawk, Occulta, and Vanessa Tanner. These good gals are losing an altercation with the energy-draining supervillainess Stella Silvercat!

41) Here is an absolutely beautiful "Superheroines-in-KO-Peril" masterpiece by ShrikeBandit. The "steampunk-style" villain, The Victorian, lays a royal beatdown on the Wasp, Sparrowhawk, and Wonder Woman. This must be seen to be believed!

42) Panther Girl is blasted and clubbed into unconscious oblivion by two Misfits!

43) The bizarre occultic entity "Poota-Zawra" is triumphant over Molly Montauk!

44) S'Mawtta the Sorceress learns the hard way that it is not wise to steal from the "Widdi-Diddrum".

45) Madame Dragonfly is taken down and out by Mr. Drapples!

46) Peter Preposterous returns! The transformed Mr. Portnoy defeats the sultry supervillainess, the Scarlet Lariat.


Okay, that is all for now! Enjoy the pics and stories.


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