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Done In By Dragonfly by gytalf2000
Done In By Dragonfly
The ultra-talented Poser artist Furbs3D :iconfurbs3d: has just completed this spectacular "Superheroines-in-KO-Peril" commission for me! Here we have Panther Girl in her early outfit and Afro hairstyle, along with Shanna the She-Devil. Both these sexy jungle gals together cannot match Madame Dragonfly's awesome powers! After a few well-placed energy blasts, our heroines find themselves on the losing end of the fight! ZAP!  ZZATTT!  Monica and Shanna will be out cold for a while now, leaving the gorgeous blonde entomologist-turned-supervillainess Sandra Bellman free to continue her looting spree...
He Should Have Stayed Gone Longer by gytalf2000
He Should Have Stayed Gone Longer
The noisome villain Stink-Bug returns after a long absence! The vile little fiend comes into conflict with the gorgeous girl-gladiator, Panther Girl, and remarks that it is good to see her again. Monica, however, would have been fine with him staying gone a bit longer, and she says so as she gets punched out cold.

So, the stench is back! Long live Stink-Bug, and may his smell reign supreme! Or sumthin' like that...
Beautiful Interdimensional Visitor by gytalf2000
Beautiful Interdimensional Visitor
While in her home dimension, the DC Universe, Wonder Woman has been waylaid by the Angle-Man! After knocking the beautiful Amazon unconscious, the dastardly villain decides to banish his defeated opponent to the Gytalf-verse. "Ha! She can't trouble me while trapped in that stupendously-silly little place. Farewell, Wonder Woman!"

The interdimensional journey is completed in a split-second, but our stricken heroine remains out cold for several hours. When she finally awakes, she finds herself in a forest.  "Oh, Merciful Minerva! I can tell from the weird vibe of this place that I'm in Panther Girl's dimension again. And my costume is back to a ludicrously-tiny parody of its usual self! My powers are diminished, as well. Oh, wait, I see somebody -- a giant! Hey, are you a superhero?"

"No, I'm Grawthur the Warrior, you silly wench, and I have pledged eternal warfare upon your kind. Yes, I can tell that you are one of those interfering do-gooders. I cannot think of your name right now, but you come from a different universe. Yes, and you are in a weakened state while in our reality. Oh, good. Have at you, woman!"

Grawthur charges, and bowls Wonder Woman over with his ferocity.  "UUUNNNGGGHHH!!  Oh, what a blow... This fellow is tough! But perhaps I can still beat him... OOOFFF!!!"

"No, my beautiful interdimensional visitor, you need to put that silly notion out of your deluded mind. Grawthur defeats you, now!"

KRAKOOM!  With his next blow, the giant pummels Wonder Woman into unconsciousness! Her hot, sexy body flops helplessly to the forest floor.  WHUMP!

"HA HA HA HA HA.  She sleeps, now. What shall I do with this near-naked beauty?"

I wonder what that gigantic barbarian Grawthur shall do with the thoroughly-defeated Amazon...
Handling Pamela Powers by gytalf2000
Handling Pamela Powers
The sexy blonde giantess Powerhouse Pam is the strongest and most durable of all my female characters. She can run roughshod over a whole pack of my oft-KOed superheroines. The only individuals capable of handling the savage beauty on their own would be the most powerful Misfit, Tiny Mr. Tibbins; The warrior-mages Gytalf the Utmost and Baron Kordo; the fat, hairy old toad of a wizard, the Dastardly Disruptor; and the creator of the Gytalf-verse himself, a man who everyone refers to as just "The Wizard".

However, once she powers down to her normal guise of washed-up actress Pamela Powers, the situation changes. The 5'7" blonde is just a normal woman until she activates her giantess powers. This situation has been exploited by the Maddah'Dabbah Clan, who have observed Powerhouse Pam go on a rampage, defeating Panther Girl, Sparrowhawk, the Wasp, and Annie Frenzy all at once. Satisfied that her KOed opponents will stay sprawled out cold on the pavement for the rest of the day, Pam takes her loot back to her lair, unaware that Heep'Maddah and Froop'Dabbah are following her in "stealth mode". 

As the gorgeous Ms. Powers arrives at her lair, deactivates her giantess powers, and begins to sort through her ill-gotten gain, the two little weirdoes spring into action! A few zaps and energy blasts later, Pam is stunned into insensibility! She says, "Golly, I'm never gonna live this down!" as she passes out. 

Imagine that! Those two knuckleheads actually took Miss Powers down and out! Amazing, isn't it?
Pretty Darn Irritating by gytalf2000
Pretty Darn Irritating
The beautiful villainess Molly Montauk finds it "really pretty darn irritating" that she is getting KOed once again. This time, her assailant is the weird occultic critter called "Grady Groolum"! Ya know, I suppose it would be a bit frustrating, getting KOed a lot, come to think of it..
The ultra-talented Poser artist ShrikeBandit :iconshrikebandit: has just completed a new "Superheroines-in-KO-Peril" commission for me!

I am continuing my tradition of having him depict Sparrowhawk and the Wasp together. Sabrina and Janet keep teaming up against the villains, but the sexy duo just can't seem to win any fights! This time, the sultry brunettes get trounced by the hot bikini-clad blonde entomologist-turned-insect-themed-supervillainess, Sandra Bellman aka "Madame Dragonfly". They are both going down and out!



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