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Getting Punched Into Next Week
This just in from RosePab :iconrosepab:  -- Wonder Woman is paying the Gytalf-verse a visit. She helps Panther Girl and Annie Frenzy in their fight against the blonde giantess "Powerhouse Pam", but it is all to no avail -- The gorgeous-but-dangerous Miss Pamela Powers defeats the sexy trio! As you can see, Monica and Annie have already fallen (on top of each other), and now Diana gets "punched into next week" by Pam's mighty fists. Another loss for our beautiful, scantily-clad do-gooders...
Just So Goldang'd Strange
Here is some more "high weirdness" from the fun ol' Gytalf-verse! The embattled Annie Frenzy refers to her deranged opponent, Nathaniel the Fearsome, as "just so goldang'd strange"! And he doesn't bother to correct the shapely superheroine, for the silly beastie understands that the sexy naked brunette is simply "spot-on" in her assessment. Nathaniel is just glad that he can easily defeat her; and, in the next moment, blasts poor Annie into oblivion!  ZZATTT!!!  And Miss Frenzy topples to the floor of the Smuttersworth Museum -- WHUMP!

"Yeppers, babe, I'ma proud ta say that I'ma bit odd and curious. But I gots ya beat rill good! Oh, Hardy-Har!"

Annie is incapable of replying, for she has been rendered rather deeply unconscious, and will likely stay in that state for quite some time...
Sicko Little Beastie
The exceedingly-odd entity known as the "B'Gwan D'Loop" has returned, and it sets its sights on the lovely Melody Ann Chambers, aka "Occulta, the Witch of the Silvery Star"! The curvaceous redhead's tiny costume has been disintegrated; our groggy sorceress calls her attacker a "sicko little beastie" just before she gets KOed! Then, ZAPPO!! -- Melody is struck by a consciousness-rending burst of eldritch energy.  She plummets to the cold, hard ground -- THUMP!  And the B'Gwan D'Loop shouts out its "name / power word" in victory. The sexy naked witch will remain sprawled out cold for many long hours...
Overwhelming Quasi-Stellar Energies
The sexy strawberry-blonde warrior-woman Breena B'Yoringia attempts to prevent the Astro-Fiend from acquiring the "Mystical Muskrat of Mr'Sheebah", but is quickly overwhelmed by the lousy little cad's awesome quasi-stellar energies.
Here is my update for January 2016!

1) I have a tradition of starting off the new year with a "Polecat gets chloroformed" deviation, so here we go for 2016 :

2) Lady Blue finds that the beastie "Reeng'Dah Hooey" is a bit more than she expected :

3) Panther Girl is clubbed down by Zar-Donk the Head-Bonker!

4) Furbs3D did this groovy pic for me  - a caveman defeats Wonder Woman and Ms. Marvel!

5) The Nerdixontoid defeats Occulta!

6) The Wasp finds out that this particular odd critter is "just visiting some relatives".

7) Sparrowhawk's "high hopes for this new year" are dashed by the "Maddah'Dabbah Clan".

8) Rollickin' Rita is KOed by the Hoar'Dawg.

9) Here is pic 83 in LordSnot's Mauve Marauder sequence -- The Wasp is clobbered by the chair-wielding Hilda Sorenson!

10) Another pic from LordSnot -- after taking that impact, there ain't nothing for Waspie to do, except fall down.

11) Back to my art -- Panther Girl gets KOed by Brakka-Doom the Thunderer!

12) Grandy the Magnificent overpowers Breena !

13) Mi-Tooza the Mysterious runs roughshod over the Silver Sorceress!

14) Here is Pic 85 of the "Mauled by the Mauve Marauder" sequence by LordSnot -- Waspie is pretty out of it, now....

15) And now, Hilda looks down on her defeated, sexy opponent.

16) Annie Frenzy finds that she is no match for the G'Duurnax!

17) Here is a fun "dream-inspired" pic by RosePab -- the silly nerd Harvey Netterman punches the sexy young blonde witch Audrey Jenkins out cold! He has already captured Teresa Mullins and Vanessa Tanner.

18) The Golden Parakeet is KOed by Zoom-Zoom the Rocket-Man!

19) The Krakka'Taar easily defeats Panther Girl!

20) Lord Sphericus considers witchie-gal Audrey Jenkins as simply "a minor annoyance"...

21) Molly Montauk has a candle-lit romantic dinner with the Golly-Dang... No, wait, that ain't what's goin' on, here! See for yourself :

22) Buzzy the Bamboozler attacks and defeats Purple Mystery.

23) Another incredible pic by RosePab -- Panther Girl and the Silver Sorceress are waylaid by Astro-Fiend and Buzzy the Bamboozler!

24) The new occultic critter "The Descending Dollop" compliments sexy blonde spy babe Bobbi Morse as he zaps her senseless.

25) More Poser wunnerfulness from RosePab -- the Fink trounces the Wasp, Sparrowhawk, and Vanessa Tanner!

26) Stella Silvercat is KOed by the Squidiggly Man!

27) Some Misfits batter and blast Panther Girl into oblivion :

28) Major Lunacy triumphs over sexy dark-haired spy-gal Valerie Vinewood!

29) Another one from RosePab -- Lady Blue has taken Panther Girl and Annie Frenzy, but now falls victim to Kwa-Thoom the Powerhouse!

30) Furbs3D did this one for me -- Panther Girl, Sparrowhawk, and the Wasp are victims of an alien abduction!

31) Mr. Drapples KOs Shanna the She-Devil!

32) Laura Jones gets defeated by the Sk' Beenshir!

33) A silly Misfit duo overwhelms and KOs Teresa Mullins.

34) Pic 87 of LordSnot's Mauve Marauder sequence -- here is a nice view of the naked, unconscious Wasp!

35) A new peril pic by Furbs3D -- an old crone makes short work of Vanessa Tanner, Teresa Mullins, and Audrey Jenkins as the sexy good gals dare to invade her haunted house!

36) "Dee'Wongah the Misfit" defeats Vanessa Tanner!

37) Panther Girl is KOed by the "Doodley-Diddley Beastie".

38) Zepto the Flying Lizard body-slams Wonder Woman out cold.

39) A truly wunnerful KO-Peril commission from RosePab -- Kritters the Clown proves that the "power of funny" is far too much for the silly-but-sexyl trio of Audrey Jenkins, Laura Jones, and Occulta!

40) Here's a new villain -- "The Incomparable Howard!" In his first adventure, he clashes with sexy sharpshooter Pistol-Packin' Polly!

41) I keep comin' up with silly new characters -- meet "Sneeters the Misfit"! It doesn't seem that Hilda Sorenson is too pleased to be introduced to this nutty fellow...

42) The Brown Badger beats "Marcia Maldon the Magical Maiden" into insensibility!

43) The Scarlet Lariat encounters the exceedingly-weird entity called the "M'Bullum".

44) "Brutish Barry" and the "Woodah'Darbung" score an easy triumph over Panther Girl.

45) Madame Dragonfly gets her sexy self defeated by the Tiny Smasher!


That's it for now! Enjoy!


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