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Mister Gigantic Attack by gytalf2000
Mister Gigantic Attack
Here is my latest KO-Peril commission from Rosepab :iconrosepab: -- Annie Frenzy and Polecat attempt to apprehend the powerful supervillain, "Mr. Gigantic", but find that he can easily handle them, even when they make a combined and coordinated attack! At this point, Lara is already completely unconscious. Mr. Gigantic now swats Annie into utter insensibility!  I guess that teamwork just doesn't always pay off...
This Heist Didn't Really Go As Planned
The sexy villainess Molly Montauk has her latest heist ruined by the lousy little cad, Captain Razzamatazz!

I will likely publish a longer story as I have time later on today, but for now, just enjoy the visual.


"Alright! I have found the "Funny Frog of Footah'Koonah"! This should fetch a high price... UUUNNNGGGHHH!!"

"Hey, doll, thanks fer doin' all the 'foot work' fer me. I'ma gonna be takin' that there frog, see, an' yer gonna be takin' a nice long nap... YEOW!"

"Don't think so, Razzamatazz! I am equipped with the latest power gloves from Voltron Industries, and they pack a hefty wallop...

"Then ya shudda kept on a'zappin' me, gorgeous, instead o' yammerin' on bowt yer latest purchase. I ain'ta gonna let up on thet hot, sexy bod' o y'orn, myself!"


"Oooooohhhhhh... Mean ol' Razzamatazz has got me good, now... I'm gonna black out... oh, drat... this heist really didn't go as planned... aw, nuts..."

"So long, sexy Molly! I'ma be zappin' ya out cold, right abowts now! Hoop-Dah!"

A final blast issues out of Captain Razzamatazz's spear-like helmet projection -- KWA-POW!!!   The powerful bolt zooms towards sexy Molly and crashes into her head -- WHOOM!  The ravishing brunette cries out in pain -- "OOOHHH!!"  Then the beautiful, scantily-clad villainess topples to the floor, unconscious.  WHUMP!

"YAHOO! I haff dunnit! Sleep well, Molly. HA HA HA!"

Captain Razzamatazz vacates the scene with his prize.  Molly remains sprawled out cold on the floor of the Poppinjay Mansion for hours...


Here are all the appearances by Captain Razzamatazz :…
Filthy-Minded Misfit
Carol Montoya, who is better known as the sexy Hispanic supervillainess the "Scarlet Lariat", is having some major Misfit trouble. She has used her mystical lariats to ensnare and defeat several low-level Misfits, but now must deal with a much more powerful one -- none other than "Horny Horatio", himself!

"Ya know, I like the way you handled my pals there, Miss Montoya. You really made some effective use of yer energy blasts an' lariats, and ya managed ta KO 'em all! Unfortunately fer you, my dearie, I'ma made of a bit sterner stuff!"

"We shall see about that, cretin. Have at you!"

ZWISH!  An awesome energy lariat shoots out of Carol's outstretched hand and quickly coils around Horatio. The busty adventuress activates the weird energy cells within the mystical lariat -- ZZZZZZZZ!!!

"YEOW!  YEOW!  Wow, that hurts..."

"HA! Good to know, Horatio, you twit. Now, I will amp it up a bit further."


"AAAARRRRGGGGHHHH!!  AAAAAIIIIIEEEEE!!!   UUUUNNNNGGGGHHHH!!!  Golly, wotta heapin' helpin' o' pain this sexy gal can deliver... b-but I gotta admit, itza kinda turnin' me on, too... HEE HEE HEE!!"

Carol watches incredulously as Horny Horatio's sexual organ rises into an erect state.  "Oh, yuck! Hadn't planned on this... G-good grief...  uh, I think I may throw up... UUUNNNGGGHHH!!"

An aroused Horatio has used this disgusting distraction as an opportunity to fire a blast from his lead horn. Uh, the one atop his nose, I mean.

"I'll bet that hurt, now didn't it, babe? Heerza nudder zap fer ya, sexy!"



Carol's tiny top has been blasted off, exposing her big, luscious mammaries.  "Uuuuuuhhhhhh... s-so dazed, now... I c-can't... oooooohhhhhh..."

The lariat dissipates, along with Carol's awareness. "Fantastic! Now I'm free! Gonna take this bimbo out!"

Another energy discharge erupts from Horatio's lead horn.  ZZATTT!!!  It crashes into the voluptuous brunette's head -- KRAK!
Carol has just managed to say, "Oh, you disgust me, you filthy-minded Misfit!" before the bolt eradicates what is left of her consciousness. She lets out a grunt of surrender -- "UUUHHH!!"  Then the beautiful, almost-nude villainess flops helplessly to the rocky ground.  WHUMP!

"Aw, sweet victory! An' thet gal looks so very fine laid out on the ground.  HOOP-DAH!"

Well, I have no earthly idea what the horny little fiend will do with his unconscious opponent. Could be anything...


Here are Horny Horatio's previous appearances :…
Juss Gimme A Dadgummit Minnit
Pistol-Packin' Polly urges Umlaut Nonsensical to give her a bit more time -- specifically, she requests, "Juss gimme a dadgummit minnit!"  But it doesn't appear that the exceedingly-odd occultic entity is in the mood to comply! Instead, Umlaut simply blasts the sexy sharpshooter into unconscious oblivion.  ZZATTT!!!   And Polly is defeated, once again...

I will attempt to provide a longer story a bit later on today, if'n I can spare the time. For now, just enjoy the visual!



"Uuuuhhhh.... B-Breena, I'm hit..."

"N-no... She got me, too, Monica. Oooohhhh...."


Pistol-Packin' Polly's withering fusillade of KO-bullets has done its deadly work. Both Panther Girl and Breena of the B'Yor Clan now lie defeated and unconscious on the floor of the old bungalow. "HA HA HA!! Lookit at them goldang'd losers! Out cold an' likely ta stay thet way fer a nice long while. Hoop-Dah an' ol' Cowabungah! Sweet lil' Polly hazza dunnit agin! An' now, ye purtee lil' "Pouty Kinkajou of Portly Hinny's Menagerie', yew gots yerself a brand new owner...  AAAAAAIIIIIIEEEEEE!!!"

Another character has entered the old 1920s-style bungalow, and has attacked the victorious Polly as she was yammerin' on. The rather unusual mystical critter, the "Umlaut Nonsensical", wants the sacred kinkajou for himself.

"Howdy, Miss Polly! So nice to meet you. I gotta blast you again, though..."



"I love how this place is decorated! So interesting! I've always enjoyed the 'steampunk style', dontcha know.  Here, sweet thang, have another zap."



"Wow, Professor Campbell and that warrior-woman Breena look delicious, all sprawled out cold on the floor like that. And you're gonna join them, Miss Pennysworth!"


"YEOW! HEY, ya banished mah pistols! I gots ta get Becky an' Bessie back, before this fool critter lands anudder...  AAAARRRRGGGGHHHH!!!"

"Hee Hee!  Too late, Polly! I'ma be puttin' ya down, pretty soon,now..."

"Aw, juss gimme a dadgummit minnit, yew maYngee, fershlugginer dingbat of a slimy, no-good varmint...  OOOHHH!!!"

Polly has been struck by a rather potent blast. She is on the verge of total defeat, now.

"Nope, sexy Polly, I ain't about to give you a second chance. I don't want to get 'blastit to Kraggamaggot's Tarnation', or whatever you call it.  Go to sleep, babe!"

A final KO-blast erupts out of Umlaut's upraised firing tentacle.  ZZATTT!!  The deadly bolt impact's Polly's cranium -- SPTAK!!
The near-naked sharpshooter lets out an anguished cry of pain -- "AAAAARRRRRGGGGGHHHHH!!!"  Then Miss Pennysworth crumples to the hardwood floor.  WHUMP!

"Wotta wunnerful sight! Three sexy, barely-clothed women, out cold on the floor. How amusing! Oh, Hardy-Har-Har!"

After a brief bout of mirth and merriment, Umlaut Nonsensical takes the "Pouty Kinkajou of Portly Hinny's Menagerie" and vacates the interesting old bungalow.  Our sexy, defeated trio won't be waking up for many long hours...


By the way, here are all the appearances by this strange character, "Umlaut Nonsensical" :…
She's Just Angry
The sexy bare-breasted villainess Purple Mystery is a victim of a dastardly sneak attack, right after she has rendered Occulta and the Polecat unconscious.  The weird little fellow, the self-styled "Count Yazzir'Muffin", has crept right up on Sheila as she gloats over Melody and Lara's fallen forms.



"Oh, HA HA HA HA HA HA HEE HEE HEE!!  So much fun!  Gonna fire again."



Sexy Sheila absorbs a tremendous amount of punishment, and now seems about ready to shut down. She turns around to see her devilishly clever attacker, and exclaime in utter disgust --  "OH! Not fair! You blastit scoundrel! Damn you, Yazzir'Muffin! How can you do this to poor lil' me?"

"Why the outrage, Miss Haston? You just did the exact same thing to those ridiculous pair of  'Goody-Two-Shoes' glas out cold on the pavement, over there."

"Ah, Criminy! When I do it, it's okay, don't ya know... EEEEK!!"

The Count has fired again.  "You are a very silly woman, Purple Mystery. I shall now continue my attack."



"Had enough, sexy?"

"Oh, Yazzir'Muffin, you are a dirty, lyin', lousy, stinkin' fiend.... "

"Yup, I sure am, an' I'ma purtee goldang proud of it, babe."

The wicked little imp unleashes a final blast.  ZZATTT!!  The energy discharge collides with Sheila's noggin.  WHUK!  Our shapely almost-nude vixen yelps in pain -- "AAARRRGGGHHH!!"  Then Sheila shuts down and blacks out.  Her taut, sexy body flops helplessly to the cold, hard pavement.  THWUMP!

Count Yazzir'Muffin is very pleased with himself.  "Ah, so much fun! Now I'll take sexy Sheila's loot and be on my merry little way.
Ta-Ta, ladies!"

Sheila, Melody, and Lara won't be recovering from this fiasco anytime soon....
I have a new "Superheroines-in-KO-Peril" commission to share!

This one was done by my fellow Deviant ShrikeBandit :iconshrikebandit: -- Wonder Woman has been defeated by a group of thugs! Now the helpless, naked crimefighter gets carried away :



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