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The Blue Wrangler Strikes, Pic 2 by gytalf2000
The Blue Wrangler Strikes, Pic 2
The second pic in the fun Poser series be the talented Poser artist, member9 :iconmember9: -- Well, it looks like poor Monica is down and out, now. Bad ol' Waldo gazes down at the sexy, scantily-clad crimefighter. Now, what will the cretin do with his helpless opponent? Hmmm....
Her Insect Powers Are Insufficient by gytalf2000
Her Insect Powers Are Insufficient
The Wasp finds that her insect powers are insufficient to the task of stopping the crazed little aristocrat called "Count Yazzir'Muffin"! The evil cretin manages to blast our gorgeous superheroine into insensibility. Not only that, Janet's tiny costume is knocked off of her luscious, delectably-sexy body as she gets KOed. Not a great showing for Waspie, that's for sure...
Rollicking Out by gytalf2000
Rollicking Out
Here is a spectacular KO-peril commission from Furbs3D :iconfurbs3d: -- Polecat and Laura Jones get beaten senseless by the new supervillainess. "Rollickin' Rita"!  A savage kick from the former wrestlin' gal shatters our sexy blonde crimefighter's awareness!
The gorgeous bikini-clad brunette spy babe, Laura Jones, already lies unconscious on the ground after a thorough pounding from the sexy evildoer. Our scantily-clad good girls aren't going to be waking up soon after this rather rough treatment...

Thanks for the fantastic pic, Furbs3D!

Here are Rita's previous adventures :

Silly Spike-Thingie by gytalf2000

This Is Actually Pretty Funny by gytalf2000
Professor Boozeman And The Club Of Thoonar by gytalf2000
Professor Boozeman And The Club Of Thoonar
Professor Eric Allen Boozeman sabotages the sacred mystical weapon, the "Club of Thoonar", as Panther Girl returns the stolen artifact to Mixapontic University's Department of Archaeology. A powerful magical spell causes the club to wrench itself free from Monica's steely grip! In the next split-second, the cudgel begins to mutate wildly, with weird tentacular appendages emerging from the mighty weapon. The rogue Professor feels his consciousness beginning to merge with the transformed truncheon, and orders it to blast our sexy crimefighter. 


Monica is struck senseless by the terrific bolts of eldritch energy, and tumbles helplessly to the floor -- WHUMP!

"Professor Boozeman! You caused this to happen!" Alfred Wichita Heinemann, another Archaeology professor, exclaims. "What have you done, you fool? And why the Holy Hell would you perform that sabotaging spell? Are you utterly insane?"

"Perhaps I am, my dear Mr. Heinemann. But you should now know and fear me as the magnificent 'Boozeman-Thoonar', for this transformation will soon be complete. HA HA HA!!"

"Look!" Amy Shattershuck, one of the grad students mulling about nearby, shouts. "Professor Boozeman... is melting into nothing... n-no...he is merging...with that club-thingie... oh, this is just so horrible... uuuhhh...  *   * "  The lovely brunette faints from fright, and crashes to the floor.  THUMP!

"HOOP-DAH!! I will now vacate this silly place, and begin to plan my villainous trajectory!"

The exceedingly-odd new entity, the 'Boozeman-Thoonar', flies off in search of more adventure.

"Fiddlesticks! Another professor overtaken and consumed with delusions of supervillainy. So sad!" Professor Heinemann is distraught over this turn of events, but steels himself and resumes his usual composure. "I will get the smelling salts from the chemistry lab, and revive poor Amy and Panther Girl. Jenkins, call "Campbell and Associates', and let the other superheroines know what has happened."

"Alright, sir! Do you need any help with Miss Campbell or Miss Shattershuck? Because I am fine with... er, I can..."

"I know what you're thinking, boy. Just do as I say! I will tend to these fallen women..."

Yes, Professor Heinemann has matters well in hand, at the moment. Having retrieved the smelling salts, the grizzled old academic strides over to the near-naked Panther Girl and prepares to revive the almost-nude adventuress. 

Just another day in the ol' Gytalf-verse, eh?
I have two new "Superheroines-in-KO-Peril" commissions to share!

1) The brilliant Poser artist Captain Zammo continues the epic "Sparrowhawk KOed and Captured by Br'Kawnto and S'Mawtta" peril-sequence. Here, we see the sexy sorceress attempting to rouse our comely lass from her extended slumber, just so she can KO poor Sabrina with a punch. Oh, the awful indignities that Sparrowhawk must suffer!

2) The awesome ShrikeBandit depicts my gorgeous new spy gal character Valerie Vinewood in KO peril! Her fellow sexy S.H.I.E.L.D. agent Bobbi Morse also gets in on this fantastic KO-action, as the good girls get trounced by the supervillain "Furious Fred" and his hot gal-pal, Francine Frittersworth!


I'm having a ton of fun with these new pics, and I hope that you guys and gals out there enjoy them, as well!


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David W. Hughett
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