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KOed On Her First Adventure
I had a fun KO dream about a new character the other night -- meet the newest supervillainess in the Gytalf-verse, "Lady Blue"!
She has run afoul of the little twerp, Astro-Fiend, and cannot believe that she is getting KOed in her very first adventure.

I'm pretty busy with Monday right now, but will attempt to compose a better story as I have time today. For now, just enjoy the visual!


Here is the finished story :

The beautiful Emily Kennerston, a graduate student in Geophysics at Mixapontic University, has recently made a life-altering decision. Just the other day, she sought out the services of the fabled old occultist, "The Great Miasma", at his office on the second floor of the "Magickal Kid" Occult Book and Paraphernalia Shoppe.

"HA HA! I can't believe this! The potion actually worked! I can fire bolts of eldritch energy, shrink and fly -- and I'm sure that my powers will just increase with practice! Sure, my hair has turned blue, but that is a small price to pay for becoming a supervillainess. And from the looks -- or should i call them 'gawks' -- I got from those guys on the street, this hair and tiny outfit make for a really good ensemble for me. Oh, how I have wanted this since I was a wee little kid! HOORAY!"

Emily decides on a name -- "I'm going to call myself 'Lady Blue'! And my first order of business is to acquire an ancient occultic artifact. Hey, what about that 'Lodestone of Loomi' Makaar' that they have recently unearthed in the Mountains of Ma'Hoorl? Yeah, that is a fine idea!"

In a few hours, Emily arrives at the Goosedow Museum's "Recent Acquisitions" room. "Ah, there it is, just ready for the taking... UUUHHH!!!"

Struck down by an awesome energy bolt, the newly-christened "Lady Blue" looks about groggily. Her eyes eventually focus on the odd from of her attacker, the wily little cad called the "Astro-Fiend". He haughtily says, "Oh, I was hoping that I hadn't completely KOed you with just that first blast. You certainly are quite pretty! What is your name, babe?"

"You can call me 'Lady Blue'. Here, you twit, I'll give you something to remember me by!"

FWOOSH!!  A mighty cloud of blue energy and activated particles suddenly swoops out of the embattled beauty's outstretched right hand, and envelops Astro-Fiend.

"YEEEOOOWWW!!  Wow, that smarts! You have energy abilities a lot like Purple Mystery and Scarlet Lariat, I see. That really hurts, doll-face, but I still got more than enough mojo to power through all this and take you down hard!"

ZZATTT!!!   An energy beam arcs out of the fiend's stubby appendage.

KWA-THOOM! The powerful discharge impacts Emily's perfect body. She utters a pain-filled scream -- "AAAAAAIIIIIIEEEEEE!!!"

"Well, that sure was fun, dearie. Howzabowt anudder? Oh, HA HA HA!!"



"Yup, you are about as resilient -- or really not, in this case -- as I figured. I'll be knockin' yer hot'n'sexy self out in just a goldang second. Hippity-Hoppity-Hoop-Dah!"

The dazed villainess resorts to pleading -- "Aw, c'mon, man, don't KO me !  This is just my first adventure as 'Lady Blue'... It just isn't right or fair..."

"Don't really care, toots! Go to sleep, now!"


This last bolt strikes poor Emily and renders her unconscious. SPTAK!!  "OOOHHH!!"  THUD!
Lady Blue's delectably-sexy body tumbles awkwardly to the floor of the Goosedow Museum.

"HEE HEE HEE!! Prettiest blue-haired gal that I ever laid my eyes upon."

Astro-Fiend leaves the museum with his prize. Our sexy neophyte villainess remains sprawled out cold on the floor for quite some time...
Tina And The Trio
The sexy supervillainess Tina Towers, who is better known as "Titanic Tina", has been waylaid by a trio of powerful sorcerers! Lord Apteryx, Edl'Dongah, and Lord Sphericus are after the artifacts in Tina's lootin' bag, and attack her with all the mystical gusto that they can muster. During the course of the altercation, the embattled beauty has trounced Apteryx and Edl'Dongah, but has used up all her energy reserves in the process. Lord Sphericus has wisely stayed back, letting his comrades take the brunt of Tina's fury.
Now the fiend issues one searing bolt after another, and the weakened Tina is unable to withstand the barrage. Eventually, the almost-nude vixen takes a consciousness-rending blast, and falls to the ground, limp and helpless.  WHUMP!

"Finally! Titanic Tina is quite the awesome and terrifying opponent. It took a considerable amount of my "Spherical Magicks" to down that powerful woman. But now, she is vanquished! I shall revive my comrades so that we cvan collect the loot and be on our way."

Being the formidable villainess that she is, second only to "Powerhouse Pam" in strength and resiliency, Tina probably won't be staying down for long...
Pam's Regular Self
The giantess "Powerhouse Pam" is almost unbeatable, but that doesn't stop Panther Girl, Sparrowhawk, Annie Frenzy, and the Silver Sorceress from attempting to stop the sexy blonde villainess while she is on her latest crime spree! However, after a blistering bout of fisticuffs, the lousy, stinkin' do-gooders -- er, I mean, our lovely superheoines -- all lay unconscious and strewn haphazardly on the pavement.

"Nice try, girls, but you had no real chance of defeating me! All you silly interfering heroines will be nappin' for hours after that beating I just gave you. Time to take all this loot back to my lair! Hoop-Dah!"

Unbeknownst to the beautiful bikini-clad Miss Powers, Bliddit the Merry Laughing Misfit has watched this titanic confrontation while in his rarely-used "invisible mode". He has formulated a dastardly plan to acquire the goods from Powerhouse Paam, and continues in this undetectable state and follows the sexy giantess as she eventually exits Raxxon City and continues to trek back to her lair in the foothills of the Mountains of Ma'Hoorl. 

As Pam enters her hideout, she lays the extra-large "lootin' bag" that she has been carrying aside, "powers down" to her regular human size of 5' 7", and picks up her cell-phone.  "Well, that was a very satisfying little adventure. I've brought in quite a haul! Those artifacts will be worth a small fortune on the black market. I'll call my 'fence' and set up a meeting."

Suddenly, she hears a wee noise. "Hey, what is that? Muffled laughter?"

The sounds grow a bit louder.  "Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Hee Hee Ho Ho Ho."

"Hmmm... f-feel a bit weird, for some reason."

"Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Hee Hee Hee Hee Hee Hee Hee Hee Ho Ho Ho Ho Ho Ho Ho."

"Wow... Dizzy spell c-comin' on... oh, b-blast it..."

Bliddit dispenses with his ruse, de-cloaks himself, and begins to laugh at his regular volume. "Oh, how funny! Smallest giantess I ever did see! HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HEE HEE HEE HEE HEE HEE HEE  HO HO HO HO HO HO!!"

"Uuuuuuhhhhhh... oh, d-damn you, stoopid Bliddit... I'ma gonna grow back to giant-size an' pulverize yer sorry self!"

"No, ya won't, dearie! Fun ol' Bliddit ain'ta gonna letcha!  HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA  HO HO HO HO HO  HEE HEE HEE HEE!!"

After being subjected to this continuous outburst of debilitating mirth and merriment, Miss Powers is now barely able to stand. At this point, she realizes that there is no chance of accessing her giantess powers.  "Aw, crud! Yew cowardly daddablastit fershlugginer Misfit! Why, I oughtta ring your blubbery neck!"

Bliddit responds to this threat by issuing another peal of his deadly laughter -- "HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HEE HEE HEE HEE HEE HEE HEE HEE HEE  HO HO HO HO HO HO HO HO!!" Then he raises his arm-tentacle into firing position.
An extra-potent burst of eldritch energy streams out of the unusual appendage -- ZZATTT!!!

Pam is struck in the head by this terrific bolt -- WHUCK!!  The de-powered giantess shrieks in pain -- "AAAAAAIIIIIIEEEEEE!!!"
She shudders in exquisite agony for a moment, and then loses consciousness. Her perfect bikini body flops helplessly to the floor.

"Aw, so excellent! She may be almost unbeatable as 'Powerhouse Pam', but can be easily defeated as her regular identity of that washed-up bimbo actress, "Pamela Powers'. So very funny!"

Bliddit lets out another chuckle, and then proceeds to grab Pam's "lootin' bag' within a tractor-beam type of energy field. "All my fellow Misfits gonna love ta hear me tell about how I vanquished that silly giant blonde gal.  HA HA HA HA HO HO HO HEE HEE!"

Pam just lies sprawled out cold on the floor of her lair. She won't be getting up any time soon....


By the way, here are all of Bliddit's previous adventures :…

The Almighty Ka-Zam And The Holy Pheasant
The sexy supervillainess "Scarlet Lariat" runs afoul of the weird new villain, Jimmy Hilgerson the "Almighty Ka-Zam"!
For now, just enjoy the visual. I'm a bit busy right now, but will attempt to finish a nice story a little later on today.


Okay, here we go!


The ravishing supervillainess Carol Montoya the "Scarlet Lariat" is eager to complete her business for the day so that she can get back to her lair and get ready for tonight's date with her new beau, Nardee Simmons. They met during this adventure, penned a few weeks back :

Mature Content

Infernal Dadblastit Female by gytalf2000

"You gals just stay down on the floor there, and don't make any more trouble! Or else I'll lash you all really good with my mystical lariats!"

"Aw, you dumm broad! Those superheroines can't hear yer none! Theyza awl out cold! An' yew dunn a sooper-terrific jawb KOing Sparrowhawk an' Breena an' Laura Jones, I must say. I'ma rill damm impressed!

"Oh, good grief, it is some weird critter! Who are you, anyway?"

"I used ta go by the name 'Jimmy Hilgerson', but I'ma tryin' ta put those 'dweeb days' behind me. So's you kin call me 'The Almighty Ka-Zam', gorgeous! Uh, also, I wants that silly ol' thang, the 'Holy Pheasant of Faarda Tooley'. Needs it fer a ritual tonight. Hand it over, toots!"

"I most certainly will not! I fought those three ridiculous do-gooders over that sacred birdie, you stupid twit, so I won't be relinquishing it to the likes of you... AAARRRGGGHHH!!"

"So be it, Miss Montoya! We shall do battle!"


Caught a bit off-guard, the Scarlet Lariat is unable to dodge or block the Almighty Ka'Zam's deadly blasts. She lets out a scream of utter anguish -- "AAAAAAAAIIIIIIIIEEEEEEE!!!!"

"I thinks thet I hazza juss mayd my point, sweet thang! Yew gonna fall down an' go boom, now! Oh, Hardy-Har-Har!"

The strange beastie conjures up another rather prodigious energy discharge -- KA-THOOM!!!

SPTAK!!!  Carol is struck by the terrific bolt!  Staggered and wobbly now, all she can do is say, "Uuuhhh... I s-suppose that I won't be getting that pheasant, after all..."  Then the dark-skinned Hispanic beauty collapses in an unconscious heap at the feet -- er, 
I mean, tentacles -- of her victorious opponent.

"HUZZAH!!  The 'Almighty Ka-Zam' has triumphed yet again! Oh, joy! Oh, joy!"

The transformed Jimmy Hilgerson flies off with his prize, leaving Carol, Sabrina, Laura, and Breena out cold on the floor of the Goosedow Museum. The four beautiful, almost-nude women will remain unconscious for hours...


By the way, here are the two previous appearances by the "Almighty Ka-Zam" :

Mature Content

Biggest Dork In Our High School by gytalf2000

Mature Content

Monica Meets The Almighty Ka-Zam by gytalf2000
Not As Friendly As She Had Hoped
The beautiful shamaness-in-training for the B'Tonkin Tribe, S'Mawtta the Sorceress, has gone on an expedition to the Mountains of Ma'Hoorl in search of the "Spectacular Sunflower of Sondershay". Instead, the scantily-clad adventuress stumbles upon the lair of the "B'YAAARRGGHH!!" beastie.

"Drat! Sorry, lil' critter, I shor'nuff didn't intend ta disturb ya none. C'mon, let's be friends, okay?"


"Aw, juss calm down, now. Ain't rilly no reason ta git upset... UUUHHH!!"


"Ouch! Thet smarts! Hey now, if'n ya duzz thet agin, lil' critter, yer bound ta maYk me rill mad.... AAAHHH!!"

The outraged beastie  continues its attack.  ZZATTT!!   ZZATTT!!   ZZATTT!!


It bellows its name / "power word" out again --  "B'YAAARRGGHH!!"

"Aw, daddagummit, the weird lil' fella dunn gawn an' blastit my clothes right offa me... UUUNNNGGGHHH!!!"




Our sexy nude witch has taken a lot of punishment, and seems ready to shut down at this point.  "Good Golly! I'm s-so weak... d-dizzy... I wuz kinda hopin' thet this deranged ol' thang... w-wudda bin a mYt friendlier.... Aw, dagnabbit..."

The odd entity fires a final blast -- KWA-ZAP!

The energy discharge strikes S'Mawtta in her head -- THWACK!

The gorgeous sorceress cries out, "OOOHHH!!"  Blacking out, S'Mawtta falls to the hard rocky ground and does not move.  WHUMP!

The beast roars again --  "B'YAAARRGGHH!!"   Then it emits a sound roughly equivalent to a high-pitched giggle, and flies off.

Will S'Mawtta awaken and find the "Spectacular Sunflower of Sondershay" that is rumored to be nearby? Probably not for a long while, since she is currently in a near-comatose state...
ShrikeBandit :iconshrikebandit: has just completed a new "Superheroines-in-KO-Peril" commission for me!

This time, we come upon the superheroines after the confrontation is over. Four sexy, near-naked women lie unconscious on the floor -- Panther Girl, the Wasp, Sparrowhawk, and the new spy gal, Valerie Vinewood.  Hmmm... I'm wonderin' who the holy heck did this to my gals?



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