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A Thief And A Hooligan by gytalf2000
A Thief And A Hooligan
I'ma writin' a story fer this one. For now, just enjoy the visual...

I hazza now finished with my tale. Enjoy, right down below!


While the titanic confrontation is erupting between the eight heroines and the ultra-dangerous trio of Golden Parakeet, Madame Dragonfly, and Astro-Fiend at the Smuttersworth Museum, there is trouble brewing at Randolph's Roadhouse, clear on the other side of the vast metroplois, Raxxon City. Purple Mystery has just put the three sexy spy gals -- Laura Jones, Vanessa Tanner, and Teresa Mullins -- down and out for the count.

"Ah, it is always so satisfying to lay those miserable do-gooders out cold! Don't they look cute, sprawled on the pavement like that? HA! I see that those fellas agree with me. They have gathered around to take pics of my playmates..."

"Hey, we will take some pics of you, too, gorgeous!" The appreciative males cry out to the virtually-naked voluptuous vixen. Her bare breasts heaving from the exertion of the recent battle, Sheila Haston is quite the sight as she stands nearby the sexy heap of felled spy babes.

"Okay, but not too many. I need to meet a friend in just a little bit!"

After a brief session, Sheila excuses herself. "Fun stuff, guys, but I gotta run. Toodles!"

"See ya around, beautiful!"

The near-naked villainess walks across the street and down a few blocks. "Hmmm... I am not as familiar with this side of town as I thought! I will stop inside this shop / resaurant, "Snookums Seafood Emporium", and ask for directions."

Unbeknownst to sexy Sheila, the establishment is run by the cantankerous, crusty old retired supervillain, Edward Billicothe Snookums, aka "Cap'n Snookums".  As she asks some of his customers for directions, the ridiculously-self-righteous old fool takes offense at her presence.

"Yeah, I'm lookin fer 'Haingey's Hookah Hangout', guys. Yeah, sure, I'll sign a few autographs, but I need to hurry. I'm meeting the Golden Parakeet over there soon, and we are gonna plan a caper together... AAAARRRRGGGGHHHH!!!  Uuuhhh, wh-what hit me?"

"I did, you silly wench!" Cap'n Snookums has transformed into his otherworldy form, and has blasted the tiny-costumed beauty. "Begone! G'wan! Git! I don't want no criminal here in my place! I've gone legit, and I don't want trouble. Get outta my bizness, right now, ya shameless trollop!"

"Oh, fer cryin' out loud, ya mangy ol' coot! I'ma juss askin' fer directions! Weren't plannin' on stealin' nuthin, ya goldang weirdo -- UUUHHH!!  S-so stop blastin' me, already, ya idjit..."

"Nope, don't believe ye! Yer a thief an' a hooligan, Miss Mammaries, er, I mean, Miss Haston, an' I'ma gonna blast ye out cold an' teleport ye away. Maybe to prison, or to the "Mountains of Ma'Hoorl", or sumthin. Anyways, I'ma gonna gitcha far away from heer, daddablastit!"

ZZATTT!!!   A final energy discharge thwacks hard into Sheila's cranium, and she blacks out, just after saying, "Ah, criminy..."
Then Snookums activates a different sort of energy, and POOF! -- the sexy supervillainess vanishes into thin air.

"AW, wheer'd the purtee lady go, Cap'n Snookums? She wuz a dang sight better than yer usual clientele..." Nardee Simmons, one of the regulars, complains.

"Oh, I juss put her on the roof of  buildin', twenty blocks frum heer, thet's all, Nardee. Didn't want her stealin' nuthin. Can't trust them shady supervillainess types, ye knows..."

All the male regulars heave a collective sigh of disappointment. Sheila was, after all, the best-lookin' gal they had seen inside this dive in quite a while...
Let's Get On With The Interview by gytalf2000
Let's Get On With The Interview
Workin' on a story right now. Fer now, just enjoy the visual...

Here we go. Enjoy!


A colossal battle has just taken place at the Smuttersworth Museum! All eight sexy superheroines -- Panther Girl, the Wasp, Occulta, Polecat, Sparrowhawk, Annie Frenzy, Silver Sorceress, and Breena -- engaged in a terrific altercation with the deadly trio of Golden Parakeet, Madame Dragonfly, and the Astro-Fiend. Unfortunately, all of the pesky do-gooders -- er, I mean, our stalwart heroines -- now lie collapsed and virtually naked on the floor in complete and utter defeat.  The lucky duo, the father-and-son team of Arthur and Timothy MacGillicuddy, were on hand to record the blistering confrontation. They are taking multiple pictures of each felled crimefighter as the eight beauties are sprawled unconscious.

"Hey, Astro-Fiend, could you do that nifty energy trick again,and lift all the heroines up with your quasi-stellar energy?"

"Why, certainly, Timothy! Always happy to oblige the 'Supervillains Monthly" premiere camera-team. You guys always do great work!"

"Golly, thanks, Mr. Astro-Fiend."

At this point, the Golden Parakeet gets a bit fidgety. "Okay, that's enough pics for me! I am in a hurry, so I'm going to gather my share of the loot and leave. I'm meeting Purple Mystery at that cool new place that the weird fella, Balderdash just opened -- it is called 'Haingey's Hookah Hangout'! Gotta go, guys. This was a blast!"

Barbara shrinks down to bird-size and flits off. The beautiful entomologist-turned-supervillainess Sandra Bellman, aka "Madame Dragonfly, waves good-bye to her ally. "See you around, Miss Cordoba! This was quite a haul. We need to team up again, soon!"

Arthur MacGillicuddy pipes up -- "You can drop the super-gals, now, Mr. Astro-Fiend. We have enough footage of them dangling in midair, now."

PLOP!  The heroines crash back to the floor. Timmy lets out a sigh. "Good Golly, I love my job!"

"HA! I love my job, as well, young Timothy," Astro-Fiend replies. "This planet is one of my very favorites, what with all the nubile young superheroines, clad so very scantily, futilely attempting to protect their precious occultic artifacts from yours truly, the menace from the stars..."

Madame Dragonfly interjects -- "What? 'From the Stars'? Is that what he's telling you, Timmy? HA! Hey, this little loser isn't from the stars, MacGillicuddys. Why, his name is Herbert Geronimo Twinkle, of all things. We went to school together. I remember, he sat behind me in Advanced Algebra. The fool tried to 'put the moves' on me, once, but I showed him...  AAARRRGGGHHH!!!"

Astro-Fiend has used his newly-acquired weapon, the "Evil Eye of Eerda'Gawn" to blast the sexy blonde supervillainess out cold. "HARRUMPH!! That will be enough misinformation out of you, dear Sandra! Now, let's get on with the interview, shall we, MacGillicuddys?"

(I think that the Astro-Fiend wants to hog the spotlight. Plus, he doesn't want any embarrassing stories about his not-so-stellar past to come to light...)

Arthur and Timothy pretend to listen to the insensitive lout, all the while taking more nifty pics of the nine beautiful, almost-nude women unconscious on the floor of the Smuttersworth Museum...
Pretty Scarlet Girlie by gytalf2000
Pretty Scarlet Girlie
Zoom-Zoom the Rocket-Man has the sexy supervillainess the Scarlet Lariat at a distinct disadvantage in their fight over the "Stuffed Coelecanth of Matta'Morawkkah". The torpedo-shaped fiend calls the lovely, almost-nude Miss Montoya a "pretty scarlet girlie", which no one in their right mind would care to dispute. Then he zaps the sultry adventuress out cold -- ZZATTT!!  Struck unconscious, Carol lets out a grunt of defeat -- "UUUHHH!!" -- and collapses to the ground.

"Huzzah, Hoop-Dah, and Hallelujah!  The wunnerful an' funky Rocket-Man hazza defeated the nekkid scarlet gal! Hip Hip Hooray, an' all that! Now, I takes the sacred fishie!"

Zoom-Zoom grabs the holy Coelecanth and takes off. The Scarlet Lariat won't be recovering from that blast for a good long while...

Here are Zoom-Zoom's previous adventures within the Gytalf-verse :

Not Another Weird Beastie by gytalf2000

Foolish Little Fiend by gytalf2000

Crazy Little Rocket Man by gytalf2000

By The Light of the Silvery Star by gytalf2000

Zoom-Zoom and the Pretty-Shiny by gytalf2000'

Ridiculous Rocket Man by gytalf2000

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<da:thumb id="501169645">

<da:thumb id="505692611">

<da:thumb id="517748229">
Sexy An' Fun-Lovin' Gal by gytalf2000
Sexy An' Fun-Lovin' Gal
The gorgeous Polly Pennysworth, aka "Pistol-Packin' Polly", has gotten herself into some trouble fighting the weird entity, "Mr. Drapples". He has managed to banish the sexy sharpshooter's pistols, and is preparing to end the altercation with a KO-blast. As she senses her impending unconsciousness, Polly cuts loose with her usual stream of vitriol and invective. Drapples just laughs the tirade off, and replies that he thinks Polly is quite a "Sexy An' Fun-Lovin' Gal". Then the odd creature zaps the busty brunette out cold! ZZATTT!  And poor Polly is done for the day! At least she still looks sexy, out cold on the ground...

Mr. Drapples has been featured in four previous deviations :

Boring Origin Story by gytalf2000

Triple Whammy by gytalf2000

Smart Gal Foolish Choice by gytalf2000

Taking The Golden Goat by gytalf2000
Mutated Ice-Cream Cone From Hell by gytalf2000
Mutated Ice-Cream Cone From Hell
The busty blonde adventuress Hilda Sorenson calls her attacker, the Oonthasaurus Rex, a "Mutated Ice-Cream Cone From Hell" as the occultic critter blasts her out cold!

This beastie has only appeared three times before :

Academic Transformation by gytalf2000

A Mere Distraction by gytalf2000

Enjoyable Testing Subject by gytalf2000
Captain Zammo :iconcaptainzammo: has just finished a new pic for me. There are no KOed heroines in this one, but it advances the storyline in my Br"Kawnto sequence, so here goes -- S'Mawtta and Br'Kawnto are finished with their amorous activities, and are in the process of returning to their unconscious guest. S'Mawtta still plans on giving Sparrowhawk a KO punch...



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