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Strange Blonde Visitor by gytalf2000 Strange Blonde Visitor by gytalf2000
Supergirl has been waylaid by some thugs with kryptonite! As soon as the Maid of Might swooped down to stop the thieves, a chunk of the dangerous substance was brandished! Supergirl fell to the ground, and was promptly beaten senseless by the dastardly cretins. "Okay, the super babe is out cold. What do we do with her now? We ain't finished with our caper!" They decide to shove her into a nearby cave, along with the chunk of kryptonite. "That'll keep blondie from waking up until we get back!"

The thugs don't realize that some local occultists have been using the cave for their rituals. The presence of a superbeing, along with the residue of mystical energy, combine to create an interdimensional portal. Supergirl vanishes from the DC Universe and enters the Gytalf-verse! Fortunately for our beautiful, unconscious heroine, the kryptonite does not travel with her. In a few minutes she has recovered.

"Oh, s-something isn't quite right here. Feel... s-so odd...uuuhhh...weaker... I'm not in my own universe, I can tell."
Supergirl walks out of the cave and sees some odd sights. "I think that this is the place that Wonder Woman has told me about. It is really crazy-town here! Drat..."

She takes flight, and immediately notices that her powers are vastly reduced. "I can fly, but not very fast. I'm much weaker, not too many times stronger than a normal human. I hope that I don't encounter much trouble until I can find those heroines that Diana has talked about... Yes! There's one!" Supergirl sees Sparrowhawk fighting with a bizarre villain who quickly batters the sexy brunette into insensibility with an exclamation point. "She's been knocked out cold! I will help her... Hey! There's another girl, coming out of the shadows. Let me zoom down there!"

Supergirl lands and introduces herself to the pretty spy girl. "My name is Laura Jones. I'm with Sparrowhawk, the heroine who just lost that fight with the Exclaimer. My friend Panther Girl asked me to trail her and summon help if we need it. He's taken her inside that building. There are a lot of valuable artifacts inside; there is really no telling who might show up next... OOOWWW!"

"What happened to you... UUUHHH!" Supergirl finds out the hard way that she is not invulnerable in the Gytalf-verse. Both girls are stuck with very potent trank-darts, and collapse to the ground. Their attackers, agents for the criminal organization "Project Spooky", come closer to get a look at their victims.

"The brunette is the superheroines' spy girl friend, but who is the blonde?"

"I have no idea -- I've never seen her before. Wow! She's incredible! Both of them are so sexy... Hey! What's that ruckus? It is coming from inside the building!"

"Let me peek inside -- WHOA! The Exclaimer is fighting Madame Dragonfly! Sparrowhawk's out cold on the floor... Oh good grief! That's Titanic Tina and that little weirdo, Brakka-Doom the Thunderer, entering the other entrance. I think that we had better skedaddle out of here with our two unconscious babes. We can come back when the battle is over."

The operatives carry Laura and Supergirl back to their headquarters and put them in some energy restraints. "We can find out just what the heck is going on from these two sexy ladies when they finally wake up."

So, our strange blonde visitor has been initiated into the ways of the Gytalf-verse. I wonder what Supergirl thinks of this odd little place?
Blades-123 Featured By Owner Apr 12, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Poor Supergirl, she's suffered a serious downgrade.....
gytalf2000 Featured By Owner Apr 12, 2013
Yeah, she's a lot weaker in the Gytalf-verse, just like Wonder Woman is.
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