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Submitted on
July 1, 2013


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Captain Zammo has just completed a new "superheroines-in-KO-peril" commission for me!
This time, Sparrowhawk and the Polecat are KOed by Pistol-Packin' Polly!

Bitty38 has also done some new pics featuring my sexy superheroines.

1) Here is a gorgeous rendition of the Wasp!

2) And here is a "disgruntled Sparrowhawk. Sabrina still looks damn sexy, though...

3) Bitty38 published this pic for me on June 17 :

4) Alternative view #1 of the "Floating" scenario :

5) Alternative angle #2 of this terrific scene :

6) A fun KO scenario from July 2012 :

7) And, just now published, a closeup view of Sabrina blasted by Madame Sin!

Now, wasn't that fun? But wait, there is much more!

3DHeroines has continued the wonderful "Exclaimer vs. My Heroines" sequence.
Lots of fantastic KO imagery here, as Occulta, and then the Bodysuit Babes, join 
on on the action :

Ain't it great? I am loving all these KO pics. Enjoy!!
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