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Hot Witchie-Gals In Energy Restraints
Some operatives of the nefarious artifact-stealin' organization, the "M.A.R.S. Initiative", come across an interesting confrontation -- the gorgeous young blondie witch Audrey Jenkins and the beautiful shamaness S'Mawtta the Sorceress are fighting over the "Precious Potholder of Poother'Higgidy". They watch as the mystical matchup progresses -- S'Mawtta appears to be getting the better of our poor good-gal, but is not allowed to make the KO herself. Instead, one of the aroused onlookers fires his weapon -- a devastatingly-effective anti-magickal device from Voltron Industries -- and blasts both of the shapely adventuresses out cold! The unconscious beauties are taken back to a hidden lair and put into energy restraints. Now the thugs await the arrival of Professor Harnossette, the founder of the organization. Audrey and S'Mawtta are surely in for it, now!
Puttin' Sexy Bobbi Ta Sleep
The sexy blonde S.H.I.E.L.D. agent Bobbi Morse finds that she is no match for the mustelid-themed villain, the Brown Badger! The burly fiend quickly takes the advantage, and pummels the shapely, near-naked spy-gal into a dazed, groggy state. Then, with a final, consciousness-shattering blow, the deranged lout succeeds in "puttin' sexy Bobbi ta sleep"!  THWOK!! And our voluptuous heroine is done for the evening.....
Another Unholy Transformation
The gorgeous brunette spy-babe Laura Jones is unfortunate to have witnessed yet "another unholy transformation" from down-on-his-luck dweeb to powerful mystical critter. Yup, that's right, Thaddeus Credenza Huffenstap has been transmogrified into a weird beastie with the unlikely name of "Krampa'Wiggit". In short order, the transformed nerd blasts our comely lass to unconscious oblivion. Because such are the ways of my dust lil' universe, the awful ol' Gytalf-verse.  So sad!
Wildly Entertaining Altercation
After running roughshod over the sexy spy-gal (and cousin to Panther Girl) Teresa Mullins, the bizarre nerd-turned-occultic-entity "Eric the Unwholesome" characterizes their fight as a "wildly-entertaining altercation". Because he enjoyed his awful self just so very much.....

Bad ol' Eric has been portrayed nine times before :…
This Is Awful Easy
Here we go again with another violent altercation! Panther Girl has been mixing it up with the dangerous-and-deranged Misfit called Drawk-Dorr -- and now our sexy gal gets punched out cold!  WHAP!!  And she's out, folks....

[ I have been doing just the one "full-frontal spread-eagle"  pose for my heroines and villainesses for so long, I thought that I would attempt another one for a change. I'm a bit outta practice, but I intend to start doin' some other poses on occasion, just fer kicks..... ]
Here are all my "Superheroines-in-KO-Peril" scenarios for November 2017!

1) The Polecat gets KOed by the Gl'Woorg'L beastie!

2) The Ragga'Lyx defeats the winsome Wasp!

3) Occulta must deal with "Freddie the Fiend".

4) Panther Girl is tricked and KOed by the weird beastie, "Kraa-Koom"!

5) The Wizard's new head "Whatizzit Beastie" -- he goes by the unlikely name of "Geezer'Dump" -- zaps sexy Sparrowhawk into unconsciousness.

6) The Spahoondix KOs the sexy criminal, "Dangerous Dyna".

7) The gorgeous blonde superheroine "Dynamic Deb" is in for a world of trouble as she encounters "Myanmar the Quantum Opossum".

8) "Albert the Atrocius" defeats Elizabeth the Silver Sorceress.

9) Weird energetic feedback from a device from Voltron Industries results in a KO for poor Panther Girl.

10) "Sir Roderick of Betsy" easily defeats sexy spy-gal Teresa Mullins.

11) Annie Frenzy is overpowered by the odd little critter called the "T'Lingit".

12) Mister Snuffles runs roughshod over the sexy witchie-gal, Jenna Jaspers!

13) Gorgeous spy-babe Laura Jones has a run-in with the preposterous beastie, the "Hee'Bro Toobin".

14) Another spy-gal encounter -- this time, it is the sexy perpetually-nekkid blonde beauty, Vanessa Tanner. She gets KOed by the B'Rak'Noth!

15) Sexy S.H.I.E.L.D. agent Valerie Vinewood is unable to cope with the bizarre energies used by "Freddie the Fiend" -- the evil cad takes her down'n'out fer the count!

16) Panther Girl is dominated by the T'Lingit.

17) "Geezer'Dump the Whatizzit Beastie" has just KOed Shanna the She-Devil.

18) Breena B'Yoringia gets KOed by Throgmar the Mighty.

19) The Lum'Dooshus has no trouble at all defeating the lovely Crimson Conquistador.

20) A weird beastie named Nerschel was really just intending on asking the sexy blondie witchie-gal Audrey Jenkins out on a date, but look what happens!

21) H'Ruker the Misfit has just finished pounding the beautiful "Dolores the Amazing Shrinking Jungle Gal" into utter insensibility.

22) Now, bad ol' H'Ruker the Misfit sets his sights on the premiere superheroine of the Gytalf-verse -- Panther Girl, herself!  Sadly, Monica fares no better against the tiny pugilist than Dolores did....

23) Jacko Sparatt makes Bobbi Morse go "SPLAT!!"  Well, not really, but he does wind up knocking the lovely, almost-nude S.H.I.E.L.D. agent unconscious....

24) Here is a terrific "Superheroines-in-KO-Peril" commission done for me by the amazing ShrikeBandit -- The bizarre hooded minions of the dreaded "Burlap Cult" brutally defeat the Wasp and "Dynamic Deb"!

25) Here is another version of ShrikeBandit's nifty KO-Peril pic :

26) The sultry Hispanic spy-gal Rosita Ramirez loses an altercation with T'Lingit.

27) Hey, Rowdy Randolph is back! This time, the platypus-obsessed dweeb has an encounter with the gorgeous witch, S'Mawtta the Sorceress.

28) Wonder Woman gets defeated by "Geezer'Dump the Whatizzit Beastie".

29) The Dastardly Disruptor makes an appearance!  Here, we see the hairy ol' wizard dealing harshly with Panther Girl :

30) Sexy villainess Lady Blue is just "hangin' around" after a disastrous altercation with the weird villain, "Al-Tos the Ring-Bearer".

31) The sexy nekkid black witchie-babe Jenna Jaspers meets a newly-christened occultic entity called the "Joong-A-ling".

32) The T'Lingit is triumphant over the perpetually-angry sharpshooter, "Pistol-Packin' Polly".

33) While pursuing a group of thieves, Panther Girl encounters their "powerful protector entity" -- the awesome "Grigg'M Beastie"!

34) "Nerschel the Critter" attempts to flirt harmlessly with Panther Girl, but somehow winds up knocking our poor heroine unconscious.  Sad!


Okay, that's it for now. Enjoy!


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